Break-ups: we've all been there. The land of tears, regrets, and agony. Or the land of understanding, peace, and growth. Either way, it happens.. But what do you do to get through all the steps of healing?


This book is a journal designed to help individuals find purpose and confidence after a separation or breakup.





Desiree' is a Goal Fulfillment Strategist that resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the author of the FMYX: Process, Heal, Progress series, and owner of The FMYX Brand shop.


She is a consultant, creator of the Desiree' Stapleton "How To" Academy, and CEO/Founder of FMYX, LLC.


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** FMYX is an acronym for the things people may need to process, heal, or progress from. F- forgive, forget, free, for, etc. MY X(variable aka the thing that needs to be forgiven, forgotten, or freed) **


FMYX: PROCESS HEAL PROGRESS (Relationship Edition) E-Version of Book